Our Veterinary Management Program

The number ONE cause of stress and burnout for veterinary practice owners is their lack of effective management skills and systems.

This should come as no surprise when you consider how much of a veterinarian’s training is spent on medicine/surgery compared to the time spent learning to manage a practice.

What do successful veterinarians have in common with Bill Gates?

You know how to treat your patients, using well-established medical and surgical procedures for each illness and injury. But do you know how to “surgically remove” your employees’ excessive dependence on you? Can you “diagnose” and “prevent” an increase in administrative workload? Are you able to “stop the bleeding” when finances go out of control?

Bill Gates and successful business owners in any field have something in common. They’re masters in establishing and using effective procedures and systems for all aspects of their business — systems that help them diagnose problems and solve them quickly and effectively.

Just as you couldn’t safely operate on a patient without your collection of standard surgical procedures, successful practice owners cannot operate and grow their business smoothly without tried, tested and proven management procedures. Such practices and procedures allow them to hire excellent employees, increase their clients’ willingness to pay for good medicine, and lower their hours in the practice.

How do successful veterinary practice owners develop an effective system?

An actual science exists to help you develop systems and procedures to create expansion and prosperity in your veterinary practice. Successful practice owners may develop their own systems through years of experience. Or you can skip that (slow and often painful) process and simply contact Veterinary Practice Solutions – and take advantage of their experience and expertise.

While we can’t promise you the wealth of Bill Gates, Veterinary Practice Solutions can provide you with already proven procedures to implement in your practice for measurable improvements and success. You will also learn the science needed to create your own custom procedures, saving you years of trial and error.

Get the tools you need for management so you can grow your practice, minimize your administrative workload, increase profitability and have the time you want for the really important things in life – practicing real medicine and spending time with your family.

Dr. Joel Parker, President of Veterinary Practice Solutions, explains, “Our clients move from a simple, diagnosis and delivery practice model to one that is systems driven and statistically monitored using your veterinary practice management software. Never knew what to do with all that data?  Well we can show you how to use it to manage your pratice just like you use blood work to monitor and treat a diabetic cat or a CRI dog.

“This puts YOU, the practice owner, in control. You will be able to monitor subjective and objective data, accurately diagnose your practice’s health at any point in time, and change ‘treatment’ as needed to improve any part of your practice that is ‘ailing’.

“We help practice owners improve their practices, while reducing stress and creating more time and money for themselves.”

VPS consulting services and implementation programs are customized to suit your needs and your practice. Your success is closely monitored and support is provided to ensure you are heading in the right direction. In the end, you will be trained to be, virtually, a “consultant” to your own practice.

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